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For the past 15 years I have focused my photographic work on examining and visualizing a body of work that explores both the current and past social and political atmospheres of countries around the world. Photographing with an 8x10 inch camera my main subject matter is grounded in architecture and the idea that houses, buildings, towns and cities provide us with a true understanding of the cultures that inhabited those spaces. At the same time they are a reflection of the social, political and personal atmosphere that created them. My work has explored sites both ancient and contemporary. The work ranges from abandoned cities in India and Cambodia, to those abandoned by the fall of the Soviet regime in Eastern Europe and the destruction of war torn Afghanistan and Lebanon. In 2012 I turned my vision towards nature and its politically and systematically based destruction due to the vast nature reserves being destroyed to build the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Most recently I have been photographing in Turkey as it is a country that, for centuries, has represented a border line between so many cultures, political ideals and turmoil. Although my work is spread across vast time periods, geographic locations and cultures, there is one theme that I always attempt to work with. It varies from project to project in its complexities but to put it simply I quote the author Chinua Achebe when he says "Things Fall Apart". It is a simple way to put it, but in the end my main body of work examines how we see this over and over again in all cultures and all time periods. Even when a culture abandons a place, it leaves behind its remains and through these remains we see a common thread, that there is always a decline and that socially and politically we create and we destroy, we rise and we fall. In the end nothing is permanent.

Brian McKee was born in 1977 in Excelsior Springs, Missouri and attended the Interlochen Arts Academy and Bard College. While at Bard College he studied photography with Stephen Shore, Larry Fink and Barbara Ess. For five years he was the assistant to the photographer Lynn Davis. He currently lives and works in New York City and Istanbul, Turkey.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Nothing is Permanent, Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria, April 4 - June 5, 2016

Photo London, May 19 - 22, 2016


Hilger Contemporary
The Columns Gallery



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brian mckee
Detritus #25, Afghanistan

brian mckee
Re-Build-ings #16, Uzbekistan

brian mckee
SOK #11, Turkey

brian mckee
SOK #1, Turkey

brian mckee
Vanishing Point #36, Lebanon

brian mckee
Urbanus #10, India

brian mckee
S.M.B. #21, Soviet Site